Rolfe Barnard: "God Commands Sinners To Repent Of Their Most Beloved Sins"

Evangelist Rolfe Barnard (1904-1969)
Evangelist Rolfe Barnard (1904-1969)

I tell you, my Lord Jesus Christ never has made it easy. He did not preach "only believe." He preached righteousness, and then peace.

He never offered to give peace to sinners while they waved the red flag of their open rebellion against the claims of Christ and the rule of Christ.

God Commands Sinners To Repent Of Their Most Beloved Sins

My friends, time and time again in the Bible that is clearly brought out. Here is the rich young ruler. My soul, if he had come to us we would have voted him in, wouldn't we! But he lacked one thing. He lacked one thing!

He was like old Herod; he believed and he heard John gladly, and he did many things. He quit this, and he quit that, and he quit the other and quit the other. John put his finger on the sore spot — his illegal — both God-ward and man-ward — relationship to his brother Philip's wife (he had killed Philip and taken Philip's wife to be his consort), and John said, "You are breaking God's Law."

Old Herod was willing to do this and willing to quit that, but when it came to the sore spot in his life, and the one place where he was telling God to go to hell, proving that he was not willing to abide by the strict Law of the Holy God, when pressure was brought to bear on him, instead of turning from his sins to God, he cut off the head of John the Baptist, and they brought it in on a charger.

Oh, my soul, it is repent or go to hell! I tell you now my Lord never has lowered the standard.

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This excerpt is from a Rolfe Barnard sermon entitled, "The Sermon That Cost A Preacher His Head" (John the Baptist Comes To Town, part 3). Edited by Eulala J. Bullock. Free PDF edition by Subtitles added by for web readability.