Rolfe Barnard: "Repentance Cannot Be Separated From True Salvation"

A generation or two ago…it meant something to stack arms…to repent, to surrender, to come into the presence of the Living Christ in such a way as to be saved.

Evangelist Rolfe Barnard (1904-1969)
Evangelist Rolfe Barnard (1904-1969)

Repentance Cannot be Separated From True Salvation

In that day and time this Christian walk and this Christian way was a pilgrimage. Men and women walked in enemy territory as a pilgrim and walked the tight rope, seeking the will of God.

In those days this business of being a Christian was a warfare —constantly at war with our old flesh within us, the devil tempting us. In those days this business of walking with Christ was an eternal conflict — it was an agonizing struggle.

In those days coming to Christ meant an honest attempt to do eternally the will of a Sovereign God. In those days coming to Christ in what we call repentance meant, if necessary, the cutting off of the arms or a plucking out of the eye.

In the Word of God we are told about a cross and about taking it up and about denying self. In those days coming to Christ in repentance meant being willing to be a fool for Christ's sake.

In those days coming to Christ in repentance meant walking alone if necessary. It meant a willingness to be hated for His sake. Now, God help us, it is more or less a picnic – it is a social – it is a mockery! May God open our eyes!

Repentance Preaching Is An Absolute Necessity

Repentance holds the field until our Lord Jesus Christ recalls it, and He has not done that up till now and so I preach it.

John the Baptist preached it. It cost him his head. And I preach it, and failure to obey it will cost you your soul. Luke 13:3:

"Except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish."

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This excerpt is from a Rolfe Barnard sermon entitled, "The Sermon That Cost A Preacher His Head" (John the Baptist Comes To Town, part 3). Edited by Eulala J. Bullock. Free PDF edition by Subtitles added by for web readability.