Announcing: Ultimate Questions - Now Available to Read Online

This booklet helped me as a young Christian, and I've used it as an evangelistic tool through the years. I highly recommend Ultimate Questions to anyone.

John Blanchard - Ultimate Questions - Cover

We are thankful to the author, John Blanchard, for granting us permission to publish Ultimate Questions online.

“While it is impossible to ‘prove’ God in a mathematical sense, the evidence is very convincing.” - Ultimate Questions

Why every believer should read and distribute Ultimate Questions

  1. Ultimate Questions equips believers to “…be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you…” (1 Peter 3:15).
  2. Ultimate Questions is an excellent gospel tract, as it gives strong Scriptural and natural evidence for the existence of God and the inspiration of Scripture.
  3. Ultimate Questions is Scripturally solid in its gospel presentation. It presents the clear gospel of Christ with no deceptive easy-believism. It simply points the sinner to the crucified Christ. It exhorts the sinner to repent and believe the gospel, and shows him what that means.

Answers you will find reading Ultimate Questions

Ultimate Questions is divided into these twelve basic sections:

  1. Is anyone there? - Evidence for the existence of God
  2. Is God speaking? - Evidence for the authenticity of the Bible
  3. What is God like? - Answers questions about the attributes of God
  4. Who am I? - Answers questions about the meaning of life
  5. What went wrong? - Answers questions about the origin of sin and evil
  6. Is sin serious? - Answers questions about the extent of sin and evil
  7. Where do I go from here? - Answers questions about the afterlife
  8. Can religion help? - Answers questions about religions of the world
  9. Is there an answer? - Answers questions about the hope of the gospel
  10. Why the cross? - Answers questions about the death of Christ
  11. How can I be saved? - Answers about salvation
  12. Which way now? - Answers questions about the Christian walk

“...the greatest, the ultimate questions, are about God and your relationship to him. Nothing in life is more important than this.” - Ultimate Questions

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