Our ministry goal is to faithfully evangelize among the tribes and to plant strong indigenous Baptist churches led by native pastors.

Native American Missions

An evangelistic tent meeting on the Comanche Nation Complex.

We started in Native American missions in 2012. We have been based among the Comanche Nation and surrounding tribes (Lawton, Oklahoma) since July, 2015 where we are planting Lawton Indian Baptist Church.

A weekly evangelistic meeting with intertribal youth.

Of the 500+ tribes in North America, multitudes of native villages and reservations are still without a gospel witness.

Some statistical reports show that among the 500+ tribes in North America, only 2-4% of Native Americans profess faith in Christ.

A monthly module at Native American Baptist Institute. The one year institute covers the main areas of systematic theology.

Our Goals In Native American Missions

  • To faithfully preach the gospel both publicly and from house to house.
  • To plant strong indigenous Baptist churches led by Native pastors.

Resources For Native American Missions

Native American Missions Map

How You Can Help

The ministry God has called us to is far greater than we can accomplish alone. We rely on the help of God’s people in the following areas:

1. Prayer Support

Just as troops rely heavily on air support, we rely heavily on the “air support” of prayer.

Every breakthrough we have ever seen on the mission field has been directly connected with the prayers of God’s people.

Apostle Paul continually requested prayer support from the churches during his missions endeavors. We ask for your prayers as well.

2. Financial Support

“Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account.” – Philippians 4:17