Modern Evangelism: Mistake #5

Modern evangelism has failed to preach the utter strictness and severity of the law of God.

Modern Evangelism - Mistake 5 - E. A. Johnston

Every man will be held up against the holy law of God and all will fail that test. I know I’m a sinner and I need a sin substitute in the person of Jesus Christ. All are the children of Adam and come into the world in a miserable state and ruined condition.

The law of God brings a true knowledge and conviction of sin so every mouth will be stopped. The law must be preached in all its strictness and severity and be plainly presented and well understood in order for men to know their own character as sinners and to embrace the way of salvation through Jesus Christ.

When the law is effectively preached and understood in its true impact, the sinfulness of mankind revives to see they are wholly dead in trespasses and sin.

The preaching of the law is used by the Holy Spirit to arouse a sinner out of his sleepy security by applying the divine law to the conscience.

When God descended atop Mount Sinai, it was altogether on a smoke and the threatening sounds of the law bring alarm to the unconverted as he sees his proper standing as a law-breaker and guilty criminal before a holy and just God.

The law of God is a slayer of the flesh for all mankind has broken it through sin and all will be held accountable to the strictness and severity of the law of God when God judges the works of man in the future judgment.

Listen friends, every person when he will be held up against the utter strictness and severity of that holy law will fail that test. All have broken that law.

God must punish sin. That’s the first message of the cross.

God is a God who punishes sin and when you believe that, you can come in with the second message of the cross which is the substitute for sin: Jesus Christ. But today we’ve got it all backwards. We present the remedy before people know they need it.

God will pour out his wrath upon sinful man who has broken his law and the only ones who will escape that punishment are those who stand not in their own merit but in the merits of another, Jesus Christ.

Christ bore our sins on that bloody tree. We are law-breakers and deserve damnation but as saved sinners we are under the blood and escape God’s wrath for sin.

Men of older days knew better in regard to preaching the law. Both John Wesley and George Whitefield, even though they disagreed on their theology, they both preached the law before grace.

Man must see that he is in need of a Savior before the remedy can be applied. But in our day, we present the remedy before a man even knows he’s in need of it. We make false converts by the multiplied thousands by our weak preaching today whereas George Whitefield always said,

“A sinner must first be brought to Mount Sinai before he can be brought to Mount Zion.” - George Whitefield

We must warn sinners about the strictness and severity of God’s holy law because each will stand alongside it at the future judgment.