Modern Evangelism: Mistake #6

Modern evangelism has failed to proclaim that man first has to be lost before he can be saved. A man needs to be awakened to see his need of Christ before the remedy can be applied.

Modern Evangelism - Mistake 6 - E. A. Johnston

This is the biggest fault of modern day evangelism, we just don’t get men lost.

Man must be awakened to the fact that he’s lost before he can be converted. We foolishly tell people to believe John 3:16 and they will be saved and they believe a verse and go to hell.

We get people to believe the fact of Christ’s dying on a cross for us, but I fear many today just believe in the death of Christ rather than believing in the Christ who died.

Our evangelism is deficient and our watered-down presentation of the Gospel is insufficient when it comes to saving men from sin.

God must get a man lost before he can save him. Man must be brought to the place where he sees his ruined and hopeless condition apart from God.

He has to be brought face-to-face with the reality that he is on the wrong side of God and under the condemnation of God and standing in a perilous position outside of Christ. He must see that without saving faith, he is doomed to an eternal hell.

Man must be awakened to his lost condition before he can seek the remedy in the person of Jesus Christ.

People just don’t realize they are lost today and when you offer them Jesus or ask them to believe John 3:16. They just don’t feel there’s any need for Him because they are fine without Him.

A man must be awakened to the fact that he is lost and ruined without God in the world, that God is against him because he is a sinner and a rebel and an enemy of God and that God can cut him down any time and send him to hell and be a just God because He is a sovereign Lord and He will have no rebels in his Kingdom.

You see, friends, once a man gets lost then he has hope. He can become a seeker of the Lord. Once a man gets desperate for God and realizes his great need of Him in salvation, then that person enters the place of the person spoken of in the Gospel: the hungry, the weary and the thirsty.

Once you realize you are lost and hungry for God and weary of your sins and thirsty for Christ, then you become a seeker and an object of grace, for the Gospel is for the hungry, the weary and the thirsty.

But today, we cast our pearls before swine and the Bible forbids us to do that. Today we offer Jesus to people before they see any need of him. Our job as evangelists is to present the sinner with the law of God and inform him of his duty of immediate repentance, that God requires repentance from him.

Then and only then, once a person sees his need of Christ, do we tell them about the pearl of great price. We do it all backwards today. I repeat, we must preach the Gospel in its purity and proper order so a man gets lost before he can be saved.

A man must be awakened before he can be converted.