Modern Evangelism: Mistake #8

Modern evangelism has failed to warn sinners to flee from hell and describe hell and its terrors.

Modern Evangelism - Mistake 8 - E. A. Johnston

How many sermons on hell have you heard this year? How many sermons on hell did you preach this year? God used men like Jonathan Edwards and Asahel Nettleton because they preached on the doctrine of hell and warned sinners not to go there.

Jesus spoke of hell and its torments. He said it was a place where the worm dieth not and a place of outer darkness where there is weeping and gnashing of teeth. Listen friends, weeping speaks of great loss and anguish and gnashing of teeth speaks of great anger and regret.

Old timer preachers used greatly of God always preached on the agonies of hell to awaken sinners and alarm them to their danger.

They had to be shaken off their false security of being on a false foundation. But today we just quote John 3:16 and expound the love of God and fail to tell our hearers what the word “perish” means in that much quoted verse. Perish means to perish in an everlasting burning hell, to be an object of God’s wrath for all eternity, to be separated from God forever and ever and ever. To perish in perdition.

Go through your sermon notes of sermon’s you’ve preached over the last five years and look around for the number of times you’ve preached on the doctrine of hell. You may be surprised at your lack.

Hell is a place of torment, of great anguish, of terror. Hell is your worst nightmare come true and there is no waking up from it and no exit from its regions. It’s a place of unquenchable fire and misery for all eternity.

Hell is a very crowded place and someone is being cast there right this instant as you listen to the sound of my voice.

If you could open the lid of hell and listen to the cries and shrieks of the damned, it would keep you awake at night. If you went to all the hospitals in your city and took every patient there off his pain medication and just let them scream in agony, it would keep your town up tonight. Imagine the terrors of hell and those there that want to get out and they cannot.

How foolish we are for neglecting to use one of the most effective weapons in evangelism which is preaching on the doctrine of an eternal hell. Men like Edwards and Nettleton knew how to effectively wield the sword in evangelistic preaching and they spoke often on hell and warned their hearers not to go there. They believed if you could not be alarmed, you could not be saved.

If you do not believe you’re under the sentence of death from God’s holy law, then you do not feel your need of pardon and you will not come to Christ that ye might have life. If a sinner cannot feel the awful conviction of this truth, then they cannot be pardoned nor saved.

God interposes to rescue the guilty sinner by arousing his guilty conscience and showing him the burning hell that awaits all those rebels of God who refuse to repent and believe on his Son.

Listen. Hell is a reality and we must warn sinners not to go there. How dare you, brother preacher, be afraid to preach on hell because you’re afraid of offending the people that are listening to you. No, you’d rather offend God.

Please, warn men not to go there.