William Dyer on the goal and substance of Christ-centered preaching

As gospel ministers, may these words describe our life and labor…

"Dear Christians, according to my talents received, I have endeavored to set forth the riches, the loveliness, the preciousness and excellencies that are in Christ—to draw your heart after him, and to make you desire and love him.

Oh! Jesus Christ is a fountain of life, light, love, grace, glory, comfort, joy, goodness and sweetness; always full and flowing, yes, overflowing!

Paul was so much captivated by Christ—that he was ever in his thoughts, ever near his heart, and ever upon his tongue!

Oh! that our hearts and thoughts were thus busied about, and taken up with Christ, and those treasures of wisdom and knowledge which are in him."

Excerpted from the preface to Christ's Famous Titles, by William Dyer (1632-1696), as published online by Grace Gems.